Why Us

About Us

We are a team with years of experience and expertise in Building Analytics and Strategies for Businesses. We understand what Data is, and what it means to businesses. We want the businesses to mine the power hidden in their data and we help businesses to achieve those goals.

Why Us

  • Every customer and every business problem is unique to us.
  • We believe in giving you workable solutions, not expensive implementations.
  • 50% of our effort is invested in understanding you, your problems and your data
  • We are agile. That means we get paid for results, not projects.

Our Values

Our Team

Sachithra Anushka

Associate Data Engineer: Data Engineering & Data science
Specialties: Data visualization/Data Engineering/ERP

Sandaru Disala

Associate Engineer (Data Engineer/ Data Science) & Data visualization
Specialties : Data Visualization Power BI

Madhawa Manchanayake

Engineer: Data Engineering (Data warehouse solutions) & Data Visualization.
Specialty: Data Visualization (Power BI), Machine learning and NLP.

Kasun Sampath

Head of operations - Data Engineering & Data Science
Specialties - Data Warehousing, Data visualization, Data Engineering ,Cloud data warehousing(Azure,AWS)

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