Who We Are

We are a team of Data Scientists and Data Engineers who love to see their customer’s success.

Everyone of us have a diverse yet complementing skillset, from mastery in project execution and understanding the exact business problem to crafting the most beautiful data story and top notch precision.

Data Warehousing

If you are tired with multiple versions of truth, we help to bring your all your data onto one analytics friendly platform.

You will have a highly optimized data warehouse architecture to match your analytics needs and your data sources.

Whether it is on Cloud or on Ground!

Data Visualization

Tell a story with your insights that your stakeholders understand.

Converting data into interpretable dashboards with Microsoft Power BI and Tableau is one popular way with our clients.

Our team optimize the dashboards with their business expertise, and excellent story teller skills to give you actionable insights.

Big Data

Large data volumes, but driving the same or better performance.

Bring your high volume and diverse data to process and manage to drive effective insights.

We design and implement data lakes and lakehouses for managing big data with the popular tools like Talend and Cloudera.

Data Science

Optimize your business processes and drive results faster.

We design and develop Machine learning and AI applications for businesses to achieve targeted business objectives at an accelerated efficiency.

The most common use cases we help our clients to drive results are;

  • Marketing mix optimization
  • Churn prediction
  • Fraud and anomaly detection,
  • Customer targeting
  • Recommendation engines

Why Us

  • Every customer and every business problem is unique to us.
  • We believe in giving you workable solutions, not expensive implementations.
  • 50% of our effort is invested in understanding you, your problems and your data
  • We are agile. That means we get paid for results, not projects.

Our Values

What Customers are saying

Pathum Fernando

Head of Corporate Planning-EFL HQ

Zkewed helped us to change the way we do reporting.We used to do monthly performance reporting to help the senior management to get a grasp of business help. We extracted data from various sources and few team members spent days to get the reports together.

The reports inevitably triggered questions regarding performance. And our team spend some more time to answer those questions digging into Data. Zkewed team helped us to bring all our data onto a single database, and convert our reports into an automated dashboard array using Microsoft Power BI. They efficiently worked with our team to make sure the accuracy and functionality of the reports, and align to our standards of aesthetic appeal. As a result, now we have a real time report, at each of our Director’s finger tips, which not only allows them to see the business health but also to dig deep without waiting for follow up questions being answered."
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Our Clients


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April 11, 2020
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